37-39 Mollison Street, Kyneton, Victoria 3444, Australia.
Phone: (03) 5422 6735

UPDATE: The executive committee has made the decision to stay closed and postpone our reopening due to COVID 19.
We are sorry but we believe that with the information we have at this time that it's the best decision

Notice for our Annual General Meeting to be held on the 14th Oct 5.00pm 2020.
Notice for our Ordinary General Meeting to be held on the 14th Oct 5.30pm 2020
Please note that due to social distancing
requirements if you wish to attend the
meetings at the Sub-Branch please contact
the Manager on 5422 6735 or email
Members will be able to attend
remotely and an invitation will be
sent to eligible members before
the meetings


Special Events at Kyneton RSL

Special Events 2020

Easter Hampers
Smallest to biggest 

No. 10 Hamper -Paul Strang
No. 09 Hamper - Dale Bond
No. 08 Hamper - Taylor Morton
No .07 Hamper - Anthony Kennedy 
No .06 Hamper Gregory Wilson
No .05 Hamper - Michael O'Brien
No .04 - Ben Plant
No.03 Hamper - Cliff Dawes
No .02 Hamper - Geoff Newton
No .01 Hamper - Betty Seadins 

Kids colouring competition

Handari Kiak Age - 4
Matilda O'Brien Age - 8